Get Social Conference

On the 14th of October i attended the Ge Social conference in the Helix‘sMahony Hall,Dublin CIty University.The conference dealt with social media and social media marketing and was discussed by several guest speakers each relating it to their own line of work.

The first guest speaker was Dr Theo Lynn of Dublin City University. Dr Theo Lynn is the head researcher at the university on social networks. it’s his job to find out and monitor what people talk about ?, why people talk about it ? and also on the prevention of cyber bullying on social media. He’s working on a new technological platform called UONEVU. This platform is capable of detecting stereotypes and other small forms of cyber bullying. this is a major step in the prevention and early detection of cyber bullying. I found this platform very interesting as i believe strongly in anti bullying policies cyber or non cyber and discovered how remarkable this project is. Dr Theo Lynn mentioned how numerous other scientists are working on this platform too and how important it is for future anti bullying prevention. i myself found this talk very interesting and as a result may try move in to this line of work.

The second guest speaker of the conference was Dr Deirdre Hogan, a senior research fellow at Dublin City University. She has a Phd in technology translation. She talked to us about the company she works work a new upcoming and highly exciting company called Gajo. Gajo is a social media space which is used to determine a target audience based on users social media and suggest possible merchandise or offers that would suit these users.The idea is funded by Enterprise Ireland and is one of the first automatic answering technologies available in the market. The technology identifies key words and phrases published on a social media website and from that relates advertisements and deals that match with these key words. i found this company and its technology very exciting as it appears to have an almost artificial intelligence aspect being able to relate to users needs and wants.

This new platform is able to categorize different needs into groups and is also capable of identify key information while filtering out the unnecessary.This technological platform is key in multiple area’s and in my opinion the future of digital marketing. It had an ad campaign quite recently which was initially successful so we’ll definitely be hearing more from Gajo. i enjoyed her talk and as a result i’ll definitely be looking out for Gajo’s technology on social media from now on.

The third speaker of the conference was Jane McDaid who is the creative director of the Dublin based company Thinkhouse which aims at targeting the 18 to 35 year old market with relate-able brands in a creative way.The company represent brand such as Lynx, Dover, Barry’s tea and many more. The interesting thing about this company is that it runs 24 hours a day always working on its brands. The company take on brand and increase their popularity as much as they can and Thinkhouse managed to turn one company’s popularity from 8% to 96% !. Jane presented us with numerous statistics and facts about number of Youtube viewers per month and what percent of people take action after seeing an advertisement and it was quite clear that online media is growing and becoming stronger as it relates to an audience of all ages and backgrounds.

Jane the discussed the seven sins of killer content which is a system that Thinkhouse try to base their advertisements on such as W.T.F, LOL or EPIC for example. Sticking to these styles of content help campaigns succeed as audiences generally prefer these styles of content and are more likely to remember them. She showed us examples of certain categories to help reinforce this theory and it proved to be both hilarious and effective. i enjoyed this talk as it was a clear insight into how big PR companies work and succeed.

Lucy Campbell was the fourth guest speaker. she is the marketing director of RTE digital. During her talk she discussed the progression of RTE from traditional to modern by introducing things such as RTE player which allowed the company to meet audience needs, drive innovation and support innovation in the digital community .She presented us with hundreds of facts based on demographics, viewership, how many people have a smart phone, watch online television and the growth of online television players. Based on these facts it was clear that RTE needed to progress and so it did. She and RTE created opportunities such as G.A.A go which allowed irish people who were living abroad to view their counties in GAA matches anywhere in the world. it was a huge success with up to 80000 people streaming online. Rte allowed people to stay connected.

Lucy explained how the “ambition for RTE is to create a highly distinctive, relevant youthful public service”. i myself found that the talk was a liitle dry with slides upon slides of facts just thrown at you but it was undeniable that Both Lucy and RTE have really helped with the companies progression and brought it into a new era of television and i myself have began using the RTE player to catch up on things such as Love/Hate as do many others. She clearly expressed what she and RTE wanted as an outcome and how they managed to achieve such successful results. Overall it was very informative but a little hard to keep focused on.

The next speaker was Alan Coleman who is the CEO of company Wolfgang Digital. Alan is head of the company with 18 members in total. Alan has set this marketing company himself having such a passion about things such as Google ad words. He and his company carry out research on Facebook to help understand e-commerce. Alan discussed the importance of Google in the world of marketing and presented us with information about when Google failed on the 16th August 2013 and how the worlds internet activity dramatically dropped. I found this interesting because i never heard of this major crash. Alan explained how the “Google Effect” plays such a big role and how he and his team use this in marketing their products. i was really entertained listening to Alan and his ideas and how he started from setting up this company in his kitchen to presenting his multi-award winning company at this conference.

Alan and his company have put a lot of time and resources into understanding the consumer’s way of thinking and how when in comes to purchasing something they first go to others people’s opinions and then online polls. They understand this and use this information and use this along with social media to bring success to their marketing campaigns. I really enjoyed Alans talk and found him a very interesting presenter.

The next speaker of the conference was Nicolas Cappiello who is the EMEA sales director at LinkedIn which is a social media site where its members are professionals  who have profiles on their CV’s online. The site offers “self-improvement and remarkable content”. Nicolas explained how users today are consuming six times more content than in previous generations and the creators of LinkedIn had a vision of a website where leaders and professionals could share their vision, passion and experience. LinkedIn was the answer to this. It’s Nicolas job at LinkedIn to create strategies for addressing mid-market opportunities across EMEA. Nicolas posed a series of questions during the talk asking us what social media websites we are on and whether or not we are on LinkedIn ?. His questions showed that not many students used LinkedIn yet a large majority of staff and guest members who are all professionals do use LinkedIn to enhance their academic careers and note down their achievements. Nicolas explained why it is important as professionals of the future to have a LinkedIn account and as a result of his talk i have set up my own account although at the moment it’s quite basic i can build it up from here. LinkedIn has a 300 million based community full of similar professionals. As a speaker Nicolas was very effective in expressing his opinions and ideas and was quite and enjoyable experience listening to him.

The last guest speaker of the conference was American,Eric Weaver who is the  Chief Social Officer, G-14 region at IPG Mediabrands. Eric and his company represent large multinational companies such as HTC, Ford and BMW. They create ad campaigns for their clients and their products. Eric talked about in some details a marketing ploy called Daily Orea Twist in 2012 which was to report 100 days of news on everyday events to celebrate the companies centenary birthday. The campaign was a marketing success which attracted 1 million new Facebook users and created over 230 million mentions in net activity. This idea was a huge success and has tried to be recreated again by others.

Eric also mentioned how big of part Facebook plays in the world of marketing and how it has changed from no advertisements to bombarding your wall with advertisements in the space of a few years. He also added how their algorithms ensure this.However Eric and his company noticed that 47% of companies give up on social media which he suggest may lead to the death of sites such as Facebook, thought-provoking ideas clearly. He then discussed the different types of online advertisement such as paid – internet investment and earned where brands earn media themselves. He mentioned how certain individuals can play a big part by using their online followers as a direct audience for product promotion. i found Eric’s talk the most thought provoking leaving me to think on whether or not the social media bubble has burst just like the .com bubble in the early 2000’s. His talk suggested that advertising agencies will need to monitor closely whether or not online ads are working and if they’re worth the money. i enjoyed his talk all the same.

Overall i thought the get social conference was extremely informative in a wide range of area’s which could appeal to anyone of all careers and ages which was important. all the guest speakers were clear with their presentations and they all used their slide show presentations to their advantage filling them with statistics and images and videos.


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